Unlike many other businesses, you can start a street food business for a very modest outlay indeed, scaling your offering as demand grows. Despite being unpredictable and competitive, the growth of the industry also means a new start-up can quickly generate hype and establish a profitable niche.

A street trading business can take many forms – from a full-time stall on a permanent market to a roving food truck attending festivals and specialist events. Generally, a street food business will trade outdoors or in an area with other food traders, using portable facilities, and will be able to serve customers their food quickly (although this isn’t always the case).

Street food businesses are particularly prevalent in city centres with established food markets, such as London and Manchester, and at outdoor festivals and other events during the summer months. Many businesses also ply their trade to guests at private events, sometimes for a fixed fee.

This wide definition means there are myriad approaches you can take to street food, with your start-up costs, earning potential, and level of risk varying considerably as a result.

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